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The Node

The Node


The best thing about being a gadget lover at gizmotakeout is that you can fall in love with new gadgets regularly. The cool part of this love is that you can share it with some of the most awesome people in the world, our customers.

So when we stumbled upon the Node from Variable Technologies, we were in love again. Let’s explain why.

We have five senses. They are vision, smell, taste, hearing and touch. The Node has the potential to add several more via your iPhone.

The Kore

The core of the Node is the Kore. This is comprised of an accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope combined with a nine degrees of freedom orientation engine, battery, USB wrapped in a small hand held cylinder. Oh yes and it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with your iphone or Samsung S3.

Download the node Variable technologies App and you are ready to go. Just watch and get hypnotized by the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer readings on your screen. When you get out of this self-hypnosis use the following sensors to fall in love again

The Therma

Connect this module to the Kore sensor CAREFULLY. You will see a red sensor, point it to any hot or cold object and get an accurate reading of the temperature. For fun point this at various spots ion your house to see where you are losing heat in doors. Then call your handyman. We digress.

The Clima

This module will give you an idea of the ambient light, temperature, humidity and pressure exactly where you are standing.

There are several more sensors like the Chroma for exact color matching. That’s right you point this at any color and it will give the exact match on the screen.

So as gadget lovers we encourage you all to try this out at gizmotakeout. We will have this at a special introductory offer of 39.99$. After using this we could not but help feel we need more senses….