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Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep tracker
Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep tracker

Fitness has become a craze fueled in part by necessity to avoid sedentary lifestyle associated diseases like diabetes and hypertension, and also in major part by the epidemic rise of being body image conscious. Most attempts however at building fitness fail miserably, leaving behind its victims in a prison of shame and frustration. The reasons are manifold including work commitments, time constraints, boring fitness regimens, poor eating habits, lack of motivation and many more. All of us can add to this list.

Technology promises to make great changes to the fitness industry. The fitness gadgets are amazing in that they catalog all activity without having to input any data and translate that to actionable data. This allows for instant gratification and allows for attempts at self-improvement, all of which allows for more calories burned. Many of these programs include free diet checkers and sleep improvement aids. All in all they promise to well round your lifestyle and give you that body you crave.

How does one select a fitness gadget? Should you just go and buy any gadget?  That is not advisable as each of these gadgets are expensive, individually different, with different capabilities and styles. For your fitness gadget to work you must try out all the best devices available and then buy what works for you. At we have a Sports Gadget section (Under Categories)  stocked with the best fitness gadgets for under 20$ each. Go ahead try it out and buy only what you need after you like it. Also if you have a fitness gadget you can put our selection to the test against yours and see if you need an upgrade. Go on and get started on the path of health…. Inexpensively.

In our future blog posts we will discuss the following fitness gadgets all available for 20$ for trial, stay tuned.

  1. Nike Plus Sport Watch GPS
  2. FitBit One Wireless Activity + Sleep tracker
  3. Basis
  4. UP by Jawbone
  5. Motorola MotoActv GPS fitness tracker and GPS

OUYA, the gaming console that could turn the industry on its head.

The console that will return control to the gamers
OUYA, the gaming device for all

As gadget lovers we were impressed with the OUYA concept when it was first launched. After following its progress for a while we are throwing our weight behind and are committed to getting it for our members for 10 dollars only.

That way everyone can try it and if they like it, it can be bought. Hopefully this initiative will give even more people the chance to try this out and further the devices overall prospects.

Some background, OUYA emphasizes completely open hardware, software and all games developed are free to play initially. Its specs are outlined below. It runs Android 4.0 with an unlocked bootloader such that jail breaking the device will not void the warranty.

We support his as a way to turn the traditional license heavy console model on its head thereby fostering more innovation, competition and lowering costs overall. This is after all what is all about.


  1. Quad-core Tegra 3 and 8GB of storage running Android 4.0.
  2. The stylish, RF wireless gamepad’s has a  trackpad for playing mobile games along with familiar sticks and buttons cheekily named O,U,Y and A.
  3. While the 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 onboard are primarily for Internet access and peripherals,
  4. SD card slot and a USB 2.0 port
  5. support

Thank you all for your support. We will have this available at launch for the awesome price of 10 $ only. Support us to support The Ouya. We are on Facebook at


The Amazing Nook HD Snow – Barbes and Nobles latest tablet


The Nook HD Snow

The latest entrant to the tablet arena is Barnes & Noble’s new Nook HD line. The Nook line offered the ability to spend one hour of free EBook reading in any physical Barnes and Noble Store which in a big plus in our opinion.

Distinctive features

  1.  Nook Video streaming service
  2. Scrapbook feature that lets users save content like magazine pages locally
  3. No annoying advertisements like the Kindle HD line
  4. The 7-inch Nook HD features a screen resolution of 1440 x 900 and supports 720p video; Barnes & Noble says that’s 25% more pixels than the Kindle Fire HD.
  5. Weighs 11.1 ounces which makes it the lightest seven inch tablet
  6. Nook Profiles allows users to set up multiple profiles on one tablet.
    1. Adults and children have password protected content so you can rest assured that Bambi is not reading your material.
    2. It does make a good kids tablet at this price.
      1. It has one of the largest collections of interactive books for kids.
      2. It will be available for users in early November 2012 for 15 dollars.

Simple TV, the simplest way to cut cable bills

Simple TV the simplest way to lower your cable bills

Simple TV

The Simple TV shot to fame as the winner of the Best of CES 2012 and People’s Voice Awards. It is designed for people who want to get rid of expensive cable connections, but are shy of buying any hardware because of cost considerations.  We think this has enormous potential and our users will love the experience and the ease of use.

Simple.TV is a personal DVR that streams live and recorded TV programs to web-connected devices like a computer, the iPadTM or RokuTM media streamer.

In general, Simple.TV works with all unencrypted TV signals from antennas and digital basic cable, which includes all the major broadcast networks. Most customers will be able to receive FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CW and many customers will also be able to receive channels like Discovery and SyFy.

Set Up:

  1. Plug in antenna or basic digital cable (clear QAM)
  2. Connect your hard drive via USB drive
  3. Connect to your network router via Ethernet port Ethernet (Cat-5 cable).
  4. Plug in power
  5. Watch your live TV on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Try this and if this option works without much hassle then you will feel more comfortable cutting the cable cord.

The Nexus Q arrives at gizmotakeout

The Nexus Q
The Nexus Q

The Nexus Q

This is a Google product that is in our opinion ahead of its time. It certainly puts aesthetics over functionality. But we are all about novelty and strive to bring these cool novel ideas to our users to experience.


  1. Outputs include micro-HDMI, micro-USB, TOSLINK, 10/100 Ethernet and, powered stereo outputs for low-impedance speaker wire. Powering those outputs is an internal 25-watt amplifier
  2.  Bluetooth, NFC and dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n. The NFC and Bluetooth are used for pairing with other Android devices, while the Wi-Fi and Ethernet come in for getting content
  3. There’s also a dual-core TI OMAP processor inside
  4. The Nexus Q exterior is bisected by a ring of LEDs. It creates a mesmerizing performance.
  5.  Any video you want to play through the Q has to be rented or purchased through Google Play.
  6. Setup: Just run the power cable to the wall and connect a pair of bookshelf speakers. You’ll need some banana plugs to make your connections, as the Q has no exposed posts and no way to accept raw speaker wire.
  7. You’ll need a device that can run the Nexus Q app. Tap the compatible Android device on top of the sphere to bring up the Q application in the Google Play store. Install it. To pair with the Q, the app must use Bluetooth — but only for a few moments. After that, all communication with the device uses Wi-Fi.
  8. You can play media only through the Google Play media apps (music and videos) and push YouTube videos to the Q. Nothing more.
  9. It is a novelty device, a very beautiful novelty device. Enjoy


Welcome Gadgeteers…

It is a beautiful fall day, and we have solved a major problem.

Our world is becomming increasingly connected and we just HAVE to plug in. The options to plug in are diverse and expensive. What works for one person just will not work for others, since basically we are all different. Case in point is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 inch screens. Who would have known that some people would LOVE that.

Now, most of us would shy away from a purchase like that since it is unconventional and takes us away from the safety of the herd mentality. A lot of us are DESPERATE to try it ONCE and not get locked down with the device price and two year contracts.

So that my readers is the problem that solves.

1. It gives consumers the ability to RENT at a fraction of the retail cost. You get to enjoy the device in the comfort of your home without any bloatware loaded (as is the case in electronics retail stores).

2. It gives you ACCESS to several curated technologies that you formerly would never have been able to experience, save read the ravings in tech blogs.

3. You can compare your existing devices to what you want to get next side by side before you buy finally. Good bye buyers remorse.

4. The new gadget at home feeling accompanies every device.

Over the next several days we will  let you into more of where we want the site to go. We welcome you to check us out at


The team at