The Tech-vacation: Gadgets can make your vacation more enjoyable

The Ipad Mini: An excellent vacation companion
The Ipad Mini: An excellent vacation companion

Most people dream of a vacation without any technologies, no Blackberry, no laptops, no pagers, no cellphones, just you and nature. Unfortunately we always take every gadget we can think of on every vacation. Worse still we use them and then feel guilty of ruining our holidays. Sounds familiar right?

We are coining a new word the “tech-vacation”. This refers to using gadgets during vacations to enhance the vacation experience. Yes gadget lovers, your gadgets are part of your vacation and you use it to your heart’s content and feel happy about it.

Let me describe our family’s latest tech-vacation, and how wonderful it felt

  1. The adults got an Ipad Mini to try out. We got to read our E Books on the Nook App on that gorgeous screen. Casual surfing, You-Tube videos, Angry Birds all completed the experience. The experience of using a new gadget was priceless.
  2. The older child typically is a clinger; he just stays stuck to us. He got a Vinci 2 tab to try out. Our joy was endless watching him play Fruit Ninjas. We even enjoyed the tab ourselves with the adults section which kids cannot access. Then he played some more pre-installed games.
  3. Every one shared the Nook Tablet especially when we visited the local Barnes and Nobles.

This was an outstanding vacation, without any guilt. The technologies tried were new and kept us engaged when we were not on the beach. In between we got some work done too. So may we recommend the tech-vacation to all? Just get your gadgets from and enjoy your vacation.We look forward to your comments for more ideas of gadgets to take on our next vacation.


The Kids Tablet demystified

Which Kids tablet works for you ?

As we all know, children’s tablets are making a big splash. This is the future of children’s education and the sooner parents get on the bandwagon, the easier the transition will be for the children. We are seeing the next generation who may obtain most of their education through touchscreen tablets and computers. Many may not even see books beyond a certain point of time. is proud to be the only online site for parents to obtain and try out all children’s tablets. There are plenty of options like the Fuhu nabi, Vinci Tab II and Leap Pad 2. That is just a partial list of course

How do parents choose the right tablet for their little ones? Remember the following

  1. Children’s tablets  are expensive
  2. The parents require training, i.e. you must learn about this yourself, and the child is not to self-learn about the tablet.
  3. The advice you get from most big box retail shops is worthless. Most employees have never used a children’s tablet. They may know part of a sales pitch but expect little detailed help.
  4. What children like in a tablet depends on the child.  Some children need rugged tablets, some like smaller tablets and some like bigger grips. Let the child select the tablet; don’t necessarily assume one tablet is better than another. Try out several before spending the money.
  5.  Most adult tablets that are given to kids are too expensive and can expose the kids rather easily to online dangers. It is safer to give kid’s children’s tablets only.
  6. Look at a kids tablet as an educational device. Some of these tablets are designed with the help of psychologists and have complete curricula and ways to monitor progress. That is priceless.
  7. Most toys end up in a big pile at home and many are not used more than a handful of times. Spend time with your child exploring the tablet and learning about it so that it is used indefinitely.
  8. On vacations or weekends it is a good idea to rent out another children’s tablet of a make you don’t have and see how your child does. It will keep the interest alive and you can also see what other tablets have to offer.
  9. In our opinion parents should try out/rent  at least 2 tablets before buying one, and it is a good idea to rent different children’s time periodically so  that the little ones can experience something different and remain fresh.
  10. Set limits on kid’s usage of tablets depending on your comfort, after all too much of anything can be bad.

At we invite parents to try out all kids tablets at a fraction of the retail price. We invite comments and discussion. We will be reviewing all the prominent kids’ tablets in future so stay tuned.

Lytro Light Field Camera

The camera of the future

The advances in photography have been minimal at best evolving from painting portraits to films, Polaroid pictures and finally digital. Welcome to the future of photography, which we can see in the Lytro Light field camera.

So what’s the big deal in this camera?

  1. Refocusing the image after taking the picture,
  2. An odd cube shape
  3. Support for Windows 7 and Mac
  4. Manually adjust the ISO sensitivity (80 to 3,200) and shutter speed (1/250th of a second to 8 seconds) as well as lock the exposure or invoke a neutral density filter.
  5. Perspective shift: Believe it or not it is like changing your camera position after the image has been taken. Its really like going back in time ( Available December 4th 2012)
  6. Living filters: This filters certain parts of the photo with different effects ( Available December 4th 2012)

This is unbelievable stuff, it needs to be experienced. The company promises to release more improvements over time. We strongly recommend this to our users. In the future all cameras will have this technology, but it is yours now to try.

The Google Nexus 10 Tablet

The Google Nexus 10
The awesome Google Nexus 10 Tablet

The holiday shopping season is upon us. Guess what the folks at Google decided to gift us; you got it the Nexus 10 tablet. This is another Google foray into hardware design and follows the general trend of software companies believing that they can make better hardware than dedicated OEM’s.

So what’s special here, lots actually

  1. Google called out Apple with the screen here, a dazzling 2560×1600 display is the highlite. For everyone with an older tablet this screen is worth checking out.
  2. It is 8.9 mm thick weighing 603 grams
  3. This tablet has speed in mind with a dual-core ARM Cortex A15 processor and advanced MIMO WiFi, giving you claimed web browsing speeds up to 4x faster than normal WiFi.
  4. The tablet has separate homescreen, apps, email, photos and storage for everyone with different profiles
  5. Nexus 10 lets you video chat with up to nine friends at once with Google+ Hangouts.
  6. This one is for Google fanatics with the latest version of Android and comes with Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Google+, YouTube and Chrome.
  7. Google Now, this is an interesting feature that tells you today’s weather before you start your day, upcoming concerts for your favorite artists, flight and hotel reservations, your favorite team’s score while they’re playing, and more automatically.

If you already own a tablet and want to see what the latest and greatest is out there, you owe it to yourself to try out the brand new Nexus 10 at  Our special introductory of 29.99$ is there as always for our gadget lovers. Enjoy

The Livescribe sky Wi-Fi Smart pen

Livescribe sky wifi
The smartpen

The pen and paper is as old as writing with no innovation forever. Well the drought is over with the Sky Wi-Fi smart pen. With this amazing pen anything you write on the dot paper is stored on Evernote online and accessible for free on your PC or tablet or mobile device. It also records audio simultaneously and plays it as you review your notes.

Imagine being a college student in class, you want to take notes while trying to listen, well this is the technology for you. Same goes if you are in a meeting, the pen listens while you doodle the important stuff.

We love it when everyone tries out new stuff. This one is one of our favorites,  try this one out, you just can go wrong.


  1. Holds up to 200 hours of audio* and thousands of pages of notes
  2. Wirelessly syncs notes and audio to your Evernote account
  3. Seamlessly syncs your smartpen content across any computer or device running Mac OS X®, Windows®, iOS®, Android™ and more
  4. Includes, exclusive Livescribe plan for Evernote, with 500MB additional monthly upload capacity for smartpen notes and audio


The Ipad Mini

The Apple Ipad Mini
The Apple Ipad Mini

Well we got the name correct in our original blog. The leaks were actually accurate, i.e. Apple may not be as good as before at keeping secrets.

So the cat is out of the bag, actually is the daddy cat now. It has put all 7 inch tablets on notice. The specs are outstanding, the apps are comprehensive and the price is slightly higher as would be expected from a premium product.

So do you go and get this at launch? NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. There are many contestants in the 7 inch space. So we recommend trying this one out first and seeing if you really need this. We will have this at launch at for trial for a limited time introductory cost of 39.99$. Try it out and enjoy.


  1. 1,024 x 768 display.
  2. All apps will carry across without any resizing.
  3. 7.2mm thick, .68 pounds with the same anodized edges as you’ll find on the iPhone 5.
  4. A brisk  A5 CPU.
  5. 10 hours of use despite the constrained space for a battery. Pre-orders for the $329,
  6. 16GB WiFi-only model

We will be available on November 6th 2012, depending on availability.

The non-Microsoft Laptop : Samsung – Series 3 11.6″ Chromebook – Silver

The non Microsoft laptop

Google has really impressed us with this one. They are obviously hard at work trying to create a non-Microsoft commercially viable laptop and they nearly get there with this one.

The Chromebook gives a complete laptop experience and is in essence a completely cloud based device.  This has inbuilt WI-Fi to connect to the internet right away. The boot times are extremely fast and you are up and going right away. This is excellent for those who regularly use the Google cloud with Google Docs, Google Drive, and G mail. You have access to pretty much the whole internet and the Chrome App store.

Product Features

1.      Samsung Exynos 5 dual processor: Delivers powerful performance.

2.      2GB DDR3L memory For multitasking power.

3.      11.6″ LED high-definition display 1366 x 768 resolution

4.      16GB solid state drive

5.      Built-in 0.3MP webcam with microphone

6.      3-in-1 media reader Supports Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity and SDXC formats.

7.      1 USB 3.0 port and 1 USB 2.0 port, Bluetooth, Headphone mic ,

8.      Built-in Murata high-speed wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g/n)

9.      Weighs only 2.4 lbs. and measures just 0.7″ thin

10.  Runs Google Chrome OS with an AMAZING 100GB of free Google Drive storage for 2 years and Google Now Integration.


The design is compact and slimmer than the 11 inch Mac Boom Air. All in all we recommend this to our technology addicts wholeheartedly. Many will be worried to purchase this as it is still an unknown. So we have it available for the limited time introductory price of 29.99$ for everyone to try out to their heart’s content at Enjoy.