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Welcome Gadgeteers…

It is a beautiful fall day, and we have solved a major problem.

Our world is becomming increasingly connected and we just HAVE to plug in. The options to plug in are diverse and expensive. What works for one person just will not work for others, since basically we are all different. Case in point is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 inch screens. Who would have known that some people would LOVE that.

Now, most of us would shy away from a purchase like that since it is unconventional and takes us away from the safety of the herd mentality. A lot of us are DESPERATE to try it ONCE and not get locked down with the device price and two year contracts.

So that my readers is the problem that solves.

1. It gives consumers the ability to RENT at a fraction of the retail cost. You get to enjoy the device in the comfort of your home without any bloatware loaded (as is the case in electronics retail stores).

2. It gives you ACCESS to several curated technologies that you formerly would never have been able to experience, save read the ravings in tech blogs.

3. You can compare your existing devices to what you want to get next side by side before you buy finally. Good bye buyers remorse.

4. The new gadget at home feeling accompanies every device.

Over the next several days we will  let you into more of where we want the site to go. We welcome you to check us out at


The team at