Lytro Light Field Camera

The camera of the future

The advances in photography have been minimal at best evolving from painting portraits to films, Polaroid pictures and finally digital. Welcome to the future of photography, which we can see in the Lytro Light field camera.

So what’s the big deal in this camera?

  1. Refocusing the image after taking the picture,
  2. An odd cube shape
  3. Support for Windows 7 and Mac
  4. Manually adjust the ISO sensitivity (80 to 3,200) and shutter speed (1/250th of a second to 8 seconds) as well as lock the exposure or invoke a neutral density filter.
  5. Perspective shift: Believe it or not it is like changing your camera position after the image has been taken. Its really like going back in time ( Available December 4th 2012)
  6. Living filters: This filters certain parts of the photo with different effects ( Available December 4th 2012)

This is unbelievable stuff, it needs to be experienced. The company promises to release more improvements over time. We strongly recommend this to our users. In the future all cameras will have this technology, but it is yours now to try.


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