The Go Pro Hero 3 Action Camera

The Go Pro Hero 3 Silver Edition Package

If anyone wants a serious rush of adrenaline, without imbibing prohibited substances, we recommend going to the home page of Go Pro Hero 3 at The introduction video loads up automatically, just close your eyes and listen to the music or else watch the video; you will feel like doing things.

That aside, the idea of strapping on an awesome camera to yourself and recording some amazing videos for ever, is AMAZING. Everyday mundane activities like jogging, biking, surfing, climbing, driving and swimming just come to life in an amazing burst of high-definition color. The videos need to be recorded just to see what you do daily through the eyes of an unobtrusive lens.

Most people have not done this below, but the possibilities are endless. We are introducing the Go Pro 3 for our technology fanatics for a limited time introductory price of 29.99$ at  We will have available the Silver Edition when it goes live for ordering.  Use this and share the videos with your family and friends. See if you really like this way of seeing your own activities come to life. Enjoy this amazing new experience. This compliments the Kodak Playsport we already offer so that fanatics like ourselves can compare various devices.

The encourage you to visit the website for full details at

Key features of the Silver Edition

  1. Hero 3 Silver Edition Camera 1080p30/960p48/720p60 fps
  2. 11MP / 10 fps Burst
  3. Wi-Fi Built-In
  4. Wi-Fi Remote + App Compatible
  5. Mounting hardware
  6. 197 feet/ 60 meter Waterproof housing
  7. Rechargeable battery
  8. USB cable

Hopefully you will enjoy the experience. Please let us know if you would like for us to get the Sony Action Cam.


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