The Samsung Galaxy Note: A perfect phablet for many

A non-Apple Trendsetter: The Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note was a big gamble at release. Who would have wanted a BIG 5 inch phone/tablet with a stylus? Pretty much everyone shrugged it off, except that it was a sleeper hit and millions of units were sold globally. So what was the secret? Simple …. Once people tried it they liked it and found it useful for their day to die activities. The pundits were simply wrong.

The sequel to this is obviously the Galaxy Note II. In a nutshell this device is a MUST TRY. You never know if you will like this until you try it out. Well that is what we at gizmotakeout are all about….”The freedom to try out cool gadgets at an awesome price.”


  1. A huge phone  3.16 inches (80.5mm) wide, 5.95 inches (151.1mm) tall and 0.37 inches (9.4mm) deep, the Note II is actually  slightly thinner, narrower and taller than its parent.
  2. 8 MP camera with LED flash
  3. A removable 3100mAH MEGA battery
  4. 1280×720 Super AMOLED display
  5. Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1
  6. The S Pen, now that is an experience in itself
  7. This is a fabulous device to experience. DON’T MISS IT.

Since we are all about trying devices, we plan to have this available to our users for 19$. All those interested in getting this device for 19$ prior to official US launch, E-mail us at


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