Technologies to enhance fitness, the new fitness revolution

Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep tracker
Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep tracker

Fitness has become a craze fueled in part by necessity to avoid sedentary lifestyle associated diseases like diabetes and hypertension, and also in major part by the epidemic rise of being body image conscious. Most attempts however at building fitness fail miserably, leaving behind its victims in a prison of shame and frustration. The reasons are manifold including work commitments, time constraints, boring fitness regimens, poor eating habits, lack of motivation and many more. All of us can add to this list.

Technology promises to make great changes to the fitness industry. The fitness gadgets are amazing in that they catalog all activity without having to input any data and translate that to actionable data. This allows for instant gratification and allows for attempts at self-improvement, all of which allows for more calories burned. Many of these programs include free diet checkers and sleep improvement aids. All in all they promise to well round your lifestyle and give you that body you crave.

How does one select a fitness gadget? Should you just go and buy any gadget?  That is not advisable as each of these gadgets are expensive, individually different, with different capabilities and styles. For your fitness gadget to work you must try out all the best devices available and then buy what works for you. At we have a Sports Gadget section (Under Categories)  stocked with the best fitness gadgets for under 20$ each. Go ahead try it out and buy only what you need after you like it. Also if you have a fitness gadget you can put our selection to the test against yours and see if you need an upgrade. Go on and get started on the path of health…. Inexpensively.

In our future blog posts we will discuss the following fitness gadgets all available for 20$ for trial, stay tuned.

  1. Nike Plus Sport Watch GPS
  2. FitBit One Wireless Activity + Sleep tracker
  3. Basis
  4. UP by Jawbone
  5. Motorola MotoActv GPS fitness tracker and GPS

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