OUYA, the gaming console that could turn the industry on its head.

The console that will return control to the gamers
OUYA, the gaming device for all

As gadget lovers we were impressed with the OUYA concept when it was first launched. After following its progress for a while we are throwing our weight behind and are committed to getting it for our members for 10 dollars only.

That way everyone can try it and if they like it, it can be bought. Hopefully this initiative will give even more people the chance to try this out and further the devices overall prospects.

Some background, OUYA emphasizes completely open hardware, software and all games developed are free to play initially. Its specs are outlined below. It runs Android 4.0 with an unlocked bootloader such that jail breaking the device will not void the warranty.

We support his as a way to turn the traditional license heavy console model on its head thereby fostering more innovation, competition and lowering costs overall. This is after all what www.gizmotakeout.com is all about.


  1. Quad-core Tegra 3 and 8GB of storage running Android 4.0.
  2. The stylish, RF wireless gamepad’s has a  trackpad for playing mobile games along with familiar sticks and buttons cheekily named O,U,Y and A.
  3. While the 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 onboard are primarily for Internet access and peripherals,
  4. SD card slot and a USB 2.0 port
  5. Twitch.tv support

Thank you all for your support. We will have this available at launch for the awesome price of 10 $ only. Support us to support The Ouya. We are on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gizmotakeout.



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