Simple TV, the simplest way to cut cable bills

Simple TV the simplest way to lower your cable bills

Simple TV

The Simple TV shot to fame as the winner of the Best of CES 2012 and People’s Voice Awards. It is designed for people who want to get rid of expensive cable connections, but are shy of buying any hardware because of cost considerations.  We think this has enormous potential and our users will love the experience and the ease of use.

Simple.TV is a personal DVR that streams live and recorded TV programs to web-connected devices like a computer, the iPadTM or RokuTM media streamer.

In general, Simple.TV works with all unencrypted TV signals from antennas and digital basic cable, which includes all the major broadcast networks. Most customers will be able to receive FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CW and many customers will also be able to receive channels like Discovery and SyFy.

Set Up:

  1. Plug in antenna or basic digital cable (clear QAM)
  2. Connect your hard drive via USB drive
  3. Connect to your network router via Ethernet port Ethernet (Cat-5 cable).
  4. Plug in power
  5. Watch your live TV on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Try this and if this option works without much hassle then you will feel more comfortable cutting the cable cord.


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