Chromebook Pixel

The Chromebook pixel is an amazing device. It was rumored for a while and then surfaced with mind boggling specs and a migraine inducing price to boot.

This device should be looked at like the Lamborghini of Chromebooks, one that is too expensive to be owned but one that HAS to be tried.

Google Chromebook Pixel

Lets go over the specs

1. 4.3 million pixels on the screen , 2560×1700 , this is the worlds best screen, this feature puts Apple to shame and is the main reason why you HAVE to try this beautiful device at  You don’t know what you are missing until you see this screen.

2. This is a touchscreen laptop.

3. Sleek design, live life in the Google ecosystem.

4. Experience life working in the cloud.

This is a must experience device. We are starting a wait-list of mainland US based users who want to try out this device but do not want to buy this yet. Once we get over 20 interested users we will get the device and ship it to users on a first come first serve basis. Share this with your gadget loving friends.

To enroll, please visit us at or visit out website at and leave a message in the “Suggest a Device” section.

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The Sony Smart Watch: A mobile android device extension

The Smart Watch Revolution is upon us and let us welcome it as a welcome change.

Over the last six months the gadget curators at gizmotakeout have been following the renaissance of the “smart watch”. So what are our thoughts, read on?

There are some high profile contenders in this space like the Pebble smart watch, The Sony Smart Watch; the I’m watch and then a slew of unknown brands in this space. The review will concentrate on the Sony Smart Watch. Stay tuned for our review of the I’m Watch. We will wait till we can get our hands on the Pebble smart watch. Overtime we will dedicate a segment to the unknown Chinese brands as I am sure there are some cheap gems there also.

The Sony Smart Watch

This device is best considered an extension of your mobile Android phone. It does not work with IPhones. Of all the phones we find this the most useful as it does not try to do too much but does few things well. So what all can it do

  1. In a nut shell you can see Text Messages, Phone Book, Facebook, Twitter, Find Phone, Music Player Remote, Calendar Reminders, Weather, Missed Call Notification, Call Handling, Phone Battery/Signal Status, and Gmail Notifier.
  2. Actually you can download aver 200 widgets to this screen.
  3. It does display the time if you really need to know
  4. This is the perfect watch to have when you leave your phone for charging (which has to happen with many Android phones) or if your phone is in your bag (which has to happen with several large form factor Android phones) or if you have a big house and your phone is ringing far far away, or if your …. I think you get the picture right.
  5. Oh by the way, it looks good and has several straps you can use, making this a perfect fashion accessory.
  6. Everyone should try out this watch; it will work perfectly for a few with constant use as we are looking for ways to NOT carry our phones everywhere.

We will be carrying this at for a special introductory price of 39.99$ for all gadget lovers to try out. Enjoy

The Node

The Node


The best thing about being a gadget lover at gizmotakeout is that you can fall in love with new gadgets regularly. The cool part of this love is that you can share it with some of the most awesome people in the world, our customers.

So when we stumbled upon the Node from Variable Technologies, we were in love again. Let’s explain why.

We have five senses. They are vision, smell, taste, hearing and touch. The Node has the potential to add several more via your iPhone.

The Kore

The core of the Node is the Kore. This is comprised of an accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope combined with a nine degrees of freedom orientation engine, battery, USB wrapped in a small hand held cylinder. Oh yes and it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with your iphone or Samsung S3.

Download the node Variable technologies App and you are ready to go. Just watch and get hypnotized by the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer readings on your screen. When you get out of this self-hypnosis use the following sensors to fall in love again

The Therma

Connect this module to the Kore sensor CAREFULLY. You will see a red sensor, point it to any hot or cold object and get an accurate reading of the temperature. For fun point this at various spots ion your house to see where you are losing heat in doors. Then call your handyman. We digress.

The Clima

This module will give you an idea of the ambient light, temperature, humidity and pressure exactly where you are standing.

There are several more sensors like the Chroma for exact color matching. That’s right you point this at any color and it will give the exact match on the screen.

So as gadget lovers we encourage you all to try this out at gizmotakeout. We will have this at a special introductory offer of 39.99$. After using this we could not but help feel we need more senses….



The Blackberry 10


The Blackberry 10 is the newest big name gadget for us gadget lovers. Whatever the world says, BlackBerry is here to stay. There are too many Crackberries in the world that would dig this. The specs of this device are still rumored, so take the picture and specs with a pinch of salt.

  • Specs:
  • Processor: Suspect Dual Core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4470 Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960
  • Radio: Quad Band HSPA+ / UMTS (850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz) Quad Band GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800MHz) Quad Band LTE: Bands 2,4,5,13,17 (700, 850,1700, 1900MHz)
  • Display: 4.2″1280×768356PPI 24 Bit Color 15:9
  • Camera: 8MP Auto Focus 2MP Front Facing Flash 1080p Video Recording
  • Memory: 1GB RAM 16GB Internal Storage
  • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4/5GHz
  • GPS: Autonomous A-GPS
  • Battery: 1800mAh Removable
  • Sensors: Ambient Light Detector Accelerometer Magnetometer Gyroscope Face Detect for phone calls
  • Connectivity: NFC microUSB microHDMI-Out Bluetooth 4.0 LE

    We highly recommend everyone tries this out. We hope to have this available at launch for a limited time for 39.99$, if it is released unlocked. We hope you will enjoy this, Let us know in the comments section if you have any thoughts or would like to be first to try this out..

The Google Nexus 4: The Android Phone champion

I think everyone with a computer knows about Google’s Nexus line. In essence it is Google’s answer to Apples model of controlling the hardware and software completely to give users the best possible experience. The Nexus lines of android mobile smart phones, tablets have been winners so far. There have been some missteps so far like the Nexus Q (enough said…right)

The Nexus 4 is the latest Google smartphone. It is THE BEST ANDROID PHONE out there currently. Right out the box it carries Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) with a whole host of features that your current Android device does not have. Therefore this needs to be tried out right now by everyone who is locked in a contract, just to see what you are missing out on.


  1. 4.7 inch screen, 1280×768 pixels, Gorilla Glass 2, 139 grams, 9.1 mm thick.
  2. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC.
  3. Android Jelly Bean, Google Now, Google Play, Google Search, Google Maps

This device is pretty much sold out at most stores. So go ahead and rent this out and see what you have been missing. It is available at for a special introductory rate of 29.99$.

The Nabi Jr


The latest childrens Tablet
The latest childrens Tablet


When we were kids a gift was popcorn and a tablet was the big ugly thing you took when you were sick. Kids now days seem to have so much in terms of choice, which becomes a source of headache for the parents. I mean what do we get our kids?

At, our most popular category has been the Children’s Tablet section. We have a huge selection of tablets for parents to try out for their kids. There is a new entrant the Nabi Jr. This is targeted at younger kids.

This is slated for a mid-December 2012 release. The specs are below

  1. 5-inch form factor
  2. Dual-core Nvidia Tegra processor
  3. 800-by-480-pixel screen
  4. Wings Adaptive Learning System, covering common core curriculum for students from Pre-K through sixth grade.
  5. Wi-Fi-enabled
  6. Rotating camera

We will have this available in mid-December 2012 for all parents to try out to see if it works for their kids.  As always there will be a special introductory price at


The Brookstone Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

The Amazing App controlled Spy Tank
The Amazing App controlled Spy Tank

It’s wrong to say that we are gadget lovers, we are actually gadget fanatics. And all gadget fanatics love the concept of a Wireless Spy TANK….. That’s right a tank.

Introducing the Rover 2.0. At first glance this seems right out of a James Bond movie. This 10 inch tank on wheels is controlled by your compatible Android or iPhone or Ipad device (you need to download a free app from the App store). You navigate with on-screen controls or “steer” using your control device’s accelerometer which is a lot of fun.

The Rover generates it’s on Wi-Fi signal and does not need your home network. The stated wireless range is up to 200 ft. unobstructed, and 100 ft. around walls and into other rooms, meaning you can drive this thing far away from you by looking at the images on your tablet or phone. How cool is that?

As if that is not enough, you can see in the dark using the Rovers night vision, stream and record videos and photographs and post to Facebook, YouTube or twitter right from the device. The fun doesn’t end there, there are headlights and two-way audio meaning you can drive this thing to the kitchen and ask “mommy” for snacks.

The potential is limitless here and it is just so much fun. This will make a very cool holiday or vacation gadget for everyone to try out. Please sound off in the comments section about your cool Rover stories. We have this at for a special introductory price of 29.99 $ for a week.

Happy Holidays all!!!


  1. Drive it with your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® device, or with      Android™ smart phones and tablets
  2. See in the dark using Rover’s built-in night vision
  3. Stream and record live video and stills
  4. Upload videos and stills to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter right from the App
  5. Control the angle of the video camera remotely
  6. Its wide-angle lens captures more of its surroundings
  7. Listen to sound from Rover’s travels and transmit your own audio      back through Rover’s built-in speaker.
  8. Navigate with on-screen controls or “steer” using your control      device’s accelerometer
  9. Built-in headlights can be controlled remotely
  10. Wireless range up to 200 ft. unobstructed, 100 ft. around walls and      into other rooms
  11. Free App from the iTunes® App Store and Google Play
  12. Warning: Choking hazard due to small parts. For ages 14 years old and up with adult supervision.

The Tech-vacation: Gadgets can make your vacation more enjoyable

The Ipad Mini: An excellent vacation companion
The Ipad Mini: An excellent vacation companion

Most people dream of a vacation without any technologies, no Blackberry, no laptops, no pagers, no cellphones, just you and nature. Unfortunately we always take every gadget we can think of on every vacation. Worse still we use them and then feel guilty of ruining our holidays. Sounds familiar right?

We are coining a new word the “tech-vacation”. This refers to using gadgets during vacations to enhance the vacation experience. Yes gadget lovers, your gadgets are part of your vacation and you use it to your heart’s content and feel happy about it.

Let me describe our family’s latest tech-vacation, and how wonderful it felt

  1. The adults got an Ipad Mini to try out. We got to read our E Books on the Nook App on that gorgeous screen. Casual surfing, You-Tube videos, Angry Birds all completed the experience. The experience of using a new gadget was priceless.
  2. The older child typically is a clinger; he just stays stuck to us. He got a Vinci 2 tab to try out. Our joy was endless watching him play Fruit Ninjas. We even enjoyed the tab ourselves with the adults section which kids cannot access. Then he played some more pre-installed games.
  3. Every one shared the Nook Tablet especially when we visited the local Barnes and Nobles.

This was an outstanding vacation, without any guilt. The technologies tried were new and kept us engaged when we were not on the beach. In between we got some work done too. So may we recommend the tech-vacation to all? Just get your gadgets from and enjoy your vacation.We look forward to your comments for more ideas of gadgets to take on our next vacation.

The Kids Tablet demystified

Which Kids tablet works for you ?

As we all know, children’s tablets are making a big splash. This is the future of children’s education and the sooner parents get on the bandwagon, the easier the transition will be for the children. We are seeing the next generation who may obtain most of their education through touchscreen tablets and computers. Many may not even see books beyond a certain point of time. is proud to be the only online site for parents to obtain and try out all children’s tablets. There are plenty of options like the Fuhu nabi, Vinci Tab II and Leap Pad 2. That is just a partial list of course

How do parents choose the right tablet for their little ones? Remember the following

  1. Children’s tablets  are expensive
  2. The parents require training, i.e. you must learn about this yourself, and the child is not to self-learn about the tablet.
  3. The advice you get from most big box retail shops is worthless. Most employees have never used a children’s tablet. They may know part of a sales pitch but expect little detailed help.
  4. What children like in a tablet depends on the child.  Some children need rugged tablets, some like smaller tablets and some like bigger grips. Let the child select the tablet; don’t necessarily assume one tablet is better than another. Try out several before spending the money.
  5.  Most adult tablets that are given to kids are too expensive and can expose the kids rather easily to online dangers. It is safer to give kid’s children’s tablets only.
  6. Look at a kids tablet as an educational device. Some of these tablets are designed with the help of psychologists and have complete curricula and ways to monitor progress. That is priceless.
  7. Most toys end up in a big pile at home and many are not used more than a handful of times. Spend time with your child exploring the tablet and learning about it so that it is used indefinitely.
  8. On vacations or weekends it is a good idea to rent out another children’s tablet of a make you don’t have and see how your child does. It will keep the interest alive and you can also see what other tablets have to offer.
  9. In our opinion parents should try out/rent  at least 2 tablets before buying one, and it is a good idea to rent different children’s time periodically so  that the little ones can experience something different and remain fresh.
  10. Set limits on kid’s usage of tablets depending on your comfort, after all too much of anything can be bad.

At we invite parents to try out all kids tablets at a fraction of the retail price. We invite comments and discussion. We will be reviewing all the prominent kids’ tablets in future so stay tuned.

Lytro Light Field Camera

The camera of the future

The advances in photography have been minimal at best evolving from painting portraits to films, Polaroid pictures and finally digital. Welcome to the future of photography, which we can see in the Lytro Light field camera.

So what’s the big deal in this camera?

  1. Refocusing the image after taking the picture,
  2. An odd cube shape
  3. Support for Windows 7 and Mac
  4. Manually adjust the ISO sensitivity (80 to 3,200) and shutter speed (1/250th of a second to 8 seconds) as well as lock the exposure or invoke a neutral density filter.
  5. Perspective shift: Believe it or not it is like changing your camera position after the image has been taken. Its really like going back in time ( Available December 4th 2012)
  6. Living filters: This filters certain parts of the photo with different effects ( Available December 4th 2012)

This is unbelievable stuff, it needs to be experienced. The company promises to release more improvements over time. We strongly recommend this to our users. In the future all cameras will have this technology, but it is yours now to try.